The “Positive future” prize

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The Positive Future Prize will recognize the best productions presenting realistic visions of a desirable future. The objective of this competition, open to all, is to give the initiatives carried by Positive Future international visibility and appeal, and to promote exchanges and collaboration between diverse participants such as artists, entrepreneurs, prospectivists, researchers, students and other citizens.

in order to propose, validate and disseminate projections that are at the same time hopeful, credible and achievable.

As representations of dystopian futures are numerous, many research and prospective works are focusing on positive alternatives for the world of tomorrow.

The Paris Institute for Advanced Study and the 2100 Fondation in partnership with the Institute for Futures Studies are launching the first Positive Future competition in order to encourage, on this positive basis, the elaboration and dissemination of mobilizing imaginaries that convincingly and realistically describe a liveable and desirable world.