NL 2120 – this is what the Netherlands could look like in 100 years

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Imagine what the world could like, if we start shaping it from a nature-based perspective today.

This is an integral vision in that it considers the spatial planning of the Netherlands in 2120 from various perspectives, such as agriculture, biodiversity, sustainable energy, water and the circular economy:

Climate change, urbanisation, biodiversity, rising sea levels, extreme weather and increasing food production: these are just a few of the factors that help shape the spatial planning of the Netherlands. There appears to be a need to look to the future. With these factors in mind, what will the Netherlands look like a century from now? Wageningen University & Research has drafted a vision on what it believes a future-proof Netherlands could look like in 2120.

For more information – and inspiration – see:

Children create the future

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Children and Maps

These kids are making a map. It’s one way of learning how to understand their world. There are messages here, and much to be learned – also about the past and the future.

Telling stories Together

Children are telling stories about their world here. What does this say about the futures they are thinking about? Are we paying attention?

What if children in six countries – or 60 – would be able to share their stories, or create new stories together?